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February 11, 2009


Dorothy | Waterproof Your Roof

I take my hat off to Dan Harrington here is some one that is really trying to make a difference to our planet by saving the rain forests, not many people actually realize what these forests do for us and the planet, and we just carry on destroying them with development and without a care in the world, so a big thank you to him and his kids will be so proud one day when they are old enough to understand what he is doing.

Joan Sinclair

It's companies like this and other recycled wood flooring companies like http://www.staybullflooring.com that are truly making a difference. I applaud Dan and anyone else out there trying to use innovation and sustainable forestry to produce wonderful products like these.

Rosa Byers

Hats off to you Dan! Everybody must do something for the environment and not just comment or complaint on something that you think is destructing.

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